the act of teleporting, to remove one self from one area very quickly.
Comes from the word "bamf!" which was used by marvel comics to describe the sound that Nightcrawler makes when using his teleportation powers
I'm bamfing like nightcrawler
by Mike April 06, 2006
Top Definition
The act of being a BAMF, or a Bad Ass Mother Fucker. Usually refers to a group of bestfriends who go out almost every night and do crazy shit.
Steph, Caitlyn, Devin, and Kaitlynn were totally BAMFing it up last night at that party.
by stephhhaniie August 03, 2009
an adjective describing something that is bad ass mother fucking
the was a BAMFing movie dude
by K4pt4in April 11, 2008
the act of doing something bamf-esque or exhibiting bamf life qualities
"I've been bamfing all day long"

"I just bamfed all over the place"
by bryanface110 November 24, 2008
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