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BAFAN is a mnemonic for "Bust A Fat Ass Nut". BAFAN means to expel a great deal of semen all over a girl during an intense climax.
example: "Dan pulled out and BAFAN'd all over her ass!"

example: "man, this day is stressin' me out. I gotta go home and BAFAN."

example: "man, I've been tryin to get with this cock tease for months. I just want to BAFAN all over her!"
by sex cauldron! August 08, 2009
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a friend or 'amigo'
yo wassup my bafan!
by greeekizzle January 02, 2011
a fine looking piece if ass, usually used to describe a womans rear-end.
Dam! check out that bafan over there, she's fucking hot.
by Guille October 19, 2006
bitch ass faggot ass nigga
you see that motherfucker right there?? that bafan owes me $200
by Juan Carlos el chamo April 08, 2007

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