Bachelor of arts, fine arts. Unlike a BFA fine arts degree, a BAFA curriculum includes liberal arts general education requirements.

BAFA degrees, curriculums, students and alumni can also be simply called BAFAs.
BAFAs have to take science, literature, and foreign language courses.

BAFAs often have crappy senior shows.

Don't be a BAFA student, you fucken moron.
by Andrew Schwartz November 16, 2004
Top Definition
BAFA is Become A Fan Anonymous. This is an institution for those who cannot control the sudden urge to "become a fan" of Facebook fan pages. BAFA was established for those with this problem, for the betterment of the person(s) affected and for their friends' enjoyment of Facebook.
Person 1: Dude! I just became a fan of 392 pages!!
Person 2: I think you should come with me to BAFA bro, it'll better for the both of us that way.
by FBman April 13, 2010
Bad Ass Forest Adventurs. usually with friends and around nature related things mainly a forest.
dudes lets go on a BAFA.
or dude that BAFA we had was amazing.
by yourlame;) May 06, 2009

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