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Psychological disorder that develops sometime after puberty, just as full maturity is about to be reached. This disorder appears when everything and everybody you found cool as a teenager suddenly starts looking really lame, unoriginal, boring, douchy and most of all, shitty. People who suffer from it (a very small percentage of the population, as the vast majority keep on loving all this mediocrity well into their last days...) are not afraid to call people around them on their bullshit, and sometimes do so to the point of alienating themselves; therefore developing a very strong, independent, supreme-asshole personality (although some of them hate themselves for liking such utter crap at some early point of their lives).
- "Baby, let's go watch that new Gerard Butler movie, it looks funny..."
- "What?!?? I'd rather slit my penis' vein with a rusty bottle cap than having to sit through that piece of movie-making rape!!!! Call one of your douchy girlfriends..."
- "I see, your BACA (Being a Cynical Asshole) Disorder is acting up again. Better yet! Who the hell wants to sit in a dark theater next to your grouchy ass??..."
by iransan August 03, 2011

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