The model number of the Robot from the TV series "Lost in Space".
I just bought a really neat talking B9 replica at the science fiction convention, but it broke. Oh, the pain, the pain!
by pentozali August 28, 2006
Top Definition
An abbreviation for "benign"
You can say: "Check my rhymes 'cause my mole is benign" (Scrubs quote)
or Check my rhymes 'cause my mole is B9
by AndyMASH March 22, 2010
b9 means want to smoke herb

one of the meanings- be (on cloud) 9
yo you wanna b9?

hell yea son lets get on cloud 9
by feenbrianwilson May 11, 2009
b9 = mate
A word that any1 can use and means mate
"Oi, b9's get over here"
"Yo lend me da cd b9. safe"
by Da Kelvinator June 23, 2005
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