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a legendary group of gods that once ruled all of the ancient world. this group of 4 gods were worshipped by the native earthlings due to their "swagga". each god fit a different and unique stereotype: there was a bitch, a douchebag, a tool, and a large guy. each god played their own role in allowing the group to work, as it could only function with all 4 of them. it is said that these gods mated with the 4 most beautiful females on earth to form half god half human babies, or at least the bitch and the douchebag did, as the other 2 most likely reproduced asexually. it is said that the decendants of these gods are romaing the earth today somewhere and have met up to form a new faction of tools under the same name as their ancestors. it is also said to be destined that these 4 will throw the greatest party known to man, which will inevitably lead to the apocolypse. see fiesta loco for more details.
Asshole: What does B.T.O.O.L. even stand for?
B.T.O.O.L.: It stands for we fucked your mother last night.
Asshole: Hey fuck you guys!

Unfortunately, after this exchange of words, asshole was never seen again. He is presumed dead. No one insults B.T.O.O.L.
by B.T.O.O.L. June 24, 2009