Boring status update.

Often encountered on sites such as Facebook where people feel the need to repeatedly update their status with inane and repetitive content. It is characterised of being of no interest to anyone, except the people narcissistic enough to believe that their 'friends' want to know that he/she:
- " typing."
- " bored."
- " eating pasta for dinner."
- "...has finished dinner."
- " going to sleep."

Some may include too much information spanning multiple lines, boring readers with their detail, whereas others may may not add any content at all and simply fill their status update with punctuation, such as ".", "...", ">", etc.

Worse still, some believe their mere existence is worthy of an update, with a bsu along the lines of ""

Bsu is used as a reply to status updates to alert a person to their abuse of the status update facility. Numerous groups on Facebook have formed in response to this phenomena; of note: "Your boring facebook status makes me want to punch my computer screen," which captures the precise feelings evoked when a bsu is encountered.
FB Person 1: Michael is sitting down.
FB Person 2: Enough with the bsu. There's a site called Twitter you can join.
by themk July 25, 2009
Top Definition
BULL SHIT UNLIMITED. aka,a compulsive liar. they lie all the time, about anything. if you take careful notes on what they tell you, you can fuck with them unmercifully!like B.S.U. said on April 14th, his "oil money" would be directly deposited in his bank account, but was too broke to buy lunch on the 16th.
Oh, fuck. here comes B.S.U. wonder what he's gonna lie about today...
by da trick biatch April 23, 2006
BSU is really just short for:-

Blow Shit Up!!!

or tha more polite way...

Blow Stuff Up!!!
Person A:- Hey man have ya played this new Rockin game called Battlefield 2?

Person B:- Ahhh yeah Man I love that game! All I do is BSU! and thats 'sall good!
by DJ Jazzy B July 09, 2005
The place where a brother and sister go on the computer making facebook and adding a urban dictionary while there dad teaches in a classroom.
Dad: blah blah blah blah........

Sis: Lets make words on Urban d.
Bro: ok cool since there isn't anything else to do in BSU
by asdg10 June 08, 2009
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