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British standard handful. Measurement unit for mammary glands. Often used when the glands are of sufficient size.
My that lady has large breasts. Yes, she certainly has a B.S.H
by Geoffnet October 26, 2006
BSH is a shorter way of saying Brick Shit House or for those not allowed to curse in font of their parents. When talking about something that is tough to move, heavy or someone who is jacked diesel or big and strong.
Holy crap that guy is built like a BSH
by The Doe Joe Bro's November 01, 2010
Big Southern Hair-

a hairdo that has become the architectural eighth wonder of the world due to copious hairspray, and vigorous teasing, plus or minus hot rollers.
Dolly Parton never leaves the house without two things- big boobs and BSH.
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010
Berkeley Square House
A generic location implying the relatively hip and swanky West End (or West End in Manhattan) as opposed to relatively scuzzy City. See also CS (Cannon Street).

S: "See you tomorrow."

P: "BSH or CS?"

S: "BSH man -- I is keeping it well clean."

P: "Word."
by Gutterheart March 30, 2011
Bullshit Headsot. Commonly used in online fps games such as Counter Strike
|MLTS| MercEnarY "damn that haxor using the AIM bot, damn him to hell!"
P!RO "that was the most bs hs ive seen in my whole 5 years at med school!"
by Sim_pro magnon haxor July 10, 2005
In the game Left 4 Dead, while playing as infected, the team Booms, Smokes, and then Hunts in rapid succession. It is considered the most effective and efficient method of killing the survivor team.
**The Round Begins**

Harbinger: "Alright, everyone get set up."

The_Unseen1: "I'm in position for the BSH."

Sir Paul: "I'll boom them from up-top, you good to smoke?"

Harbinger: "Yup, and Unseen with Hunt last."

The_Unseen1: "Booyakasha."
by HarbingerL4D January 29, 2009
Bull Shit Head Shot - Counterstrike term
After being shot in the head: OMG BSHS!
by ubn September 05, 2007
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