someone that is high on drugs usualy referring to bob marley when he smoked weed.
that guy is sooooo bob

i am absolutley bob
by Free fall June 12, 2012
1. A general term for middle management who inundate their workers with meaningless meetings and bumper-sticker style slogans as token attempts to increase productivity but only solidify apathy.

2. An ode to Office Space style management who Lumberg their employees
Steve: I have a meeting with the Bobs
Dirk: That blows
by KennJ May 29, 2012
Been off the boat. Extension on FOB (Fresh off the Boat)
That bob should know more English than a fob; he's been here longer.
by UncoSam April 24, 2012
...dude...duh its the builder
Watch the show Bob the Builder
by aqwhm1 November 30, 2011
a Big Ole Bitch
did you see that BOB
ya she was huge
by sircolton September 28, 2011
An Engrish term often used by non English speaking desperate beggars in a chat room setting. As they use Google translate to hit on various women on web cams and beg them to show their tits.
John says "Hey did you see that wwx guy hitting on cindy, he keeps asking her to open her bobs."

Rick responds "Google translate strikes again!"
by sjdfhs August 25, 2011
Somebody who would sell drinks at a basketball court to try to make some cheap cash. He has no friends so he tells people that he does. He would be the one to be caught on camera from trying to lure kids in his car. When he plays he has a horrible jump shot.
by Jimutyiu May 29, 2011

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