The poor guy in Surgeon Simulator, which is the most tragic game ever made.
by Oxyphenbutazone June 18, 2013
Body Operated Boyfriends.

Vibrators and such. Masturbation toys.
I got a date with B.O.B tonight.
by BVBArmy May 06, 2013
a "bob" is when a girl shows just one boob
frank and chino were at the bar , when they asked a girl to show her boobs. She said i can't do that ! So they said how about just a "bob" then ? She agreed and whipped out just the right one.
by jobens December 20, 2012
A guy who noobs around.
Bob is really stupid.
Leave him alone once he says ug ugggug gug guh!
Joe:Look Bob is eating his tooth paste.
Bob:Ug uggug gug guh!
Luke:Leave the little noob alone k kiddo?
Bob:Ug gug ggguugugugu uguguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Joe:Yes daddy.
by Mantris561 October 04, 2012
Acronym for "Big on Bottom". When a woman's bottom half (ass & legs) are thick, or much bigger than the top portion. You notice an attractive girl, then scan down and see she's got tree trunk legs or ass for miles...or both!
Oh damn, that bitch is hot!...Wait, she's a total BoB, did you see the ass on her?
by Skate379 July 08, 2012
someone that is high on drugs usualy referring to bob marley when he smoked weed.
that guy is sooooo bob

i am absolutley bob
by Free fall June 12, 2012
1. A general term for middle management who inundate their workers with meaningless meetings and bumper-sticker style slogans as token attempts to increase productivity but only solidify apathy.

2. An ode to Office Space style management who Lumberg their employees
Steve: I have a meeting with the Bobs
Dirk: That blows
by KennJ May 29, 2012

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