The universal name for anyone you come along.
Sally: Hey Bob, can you pass me the salt?
Lilly: Sure thing.
by Hanna(h)<3 December 19, 2005
a member of the religion "Bobism." Refers to people who are energetic, and have to spend long hours at Indian parties with their parents. Bobs believe in Indian standard time, and they are not FOBs. They enjoy playing tennis and their parents want them to be doctors. However, they will probably turn out to be lawyers or accountants, or who knows, maybe even a poor artist/musician.
I'm a Bob. Are you?
by Nisha and Isha May 29, 2005
(n). Battery Operated Boyfriend.
Also known as a vibrator. Called a battery operated boyfriend because it acts as a form of pleasure when your living boy is unavailable. (Besides BOB's better because you get it the way you like it)
BOB pleasured me in ways I never knew possible last night.
by SEEARE May 11, 2004
a guy with no arms and no legs in the water
(for a funnier example see boy)
by MrHaT July 02, 2003
Back off bitch
You better bob, or my I'm gonna mess you up
by Mariabug May 28, 2014
Inner city Welsh and British expression for the Police. Typically it refers to undercover officers, however. It is very likely a derivation from "Bobbies."

Often this expression is used as a codeword for an investigator at a party or club, as saying "watch out for Bob" is much less conspicuous than saying "watch out for the police."
"Out the back! Shit! There's a pair of buggered Bobs hear."

I heard Kate got arrested last night. A Bob caught her dealing.
by TheFlyingWelshman May 27, 2014
1. An attorney who likes to yell out "Paul!" various times throughout the day.

2. Someone who secretly thinks he is a pirate.

3. A name that can be used in place of God.
Bob Dammit, where's Paul?!?
by MARYP70 February 12, 2014

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