Slang code word for marijuana, easily inserted into conversations to disguise the substance of the discussion. Shortened form of cockney rhyming slang, "Bob Hope" for "Dope."
Have you seen Bob? (Do you have weed?)
Is Bob coming to the party? (Are you bringing weed to the event?)
You want to take a walk over to Bob's house? (Do you want to go outside and burn one?)
by Coralhead January 21, 2009
If you want to talk about somebody without people knowing refer to them as 'Bob'
Person 1: I had a dream about Bob last night
Person 2: You mean your crush Cameron?
Person 1: Yeah, but let's call him Bob
by chloe115 July 26, 2008
(n). Battery Operated Boyfriend.
Also known as a vibrator. Called a battery operated boyfriend because it acts as a form of pleasure when your living boy is unavailable. (Besides BOB's better because you get it the way you like it)
BOB pleasured me in ways I never knew possible last night.
by SEEARE May 11, 2004
noun. Acronym meaning Battery Operated Boyfriend. The "name" given to a vibrator. When you have no boyfriend rely on your B.O.B. When your husband or boyfriend doesn't satisfy you rely on your B.O.B.
Sometimes my boyfriend just doesn't do it for me. So when he went to sleep I went to B.O.B.!
by Brown Sugar! December 30, 2013
Band of blue, the matching band at middle tennesee state university (MTSU). Commonly called the band of boobs, the band of booze, or the band of butts. They are known for being big, loud, and funky.
Wow, MT football sucks dick, but that B.O.B was damn funky.
by Rf75865 October 30, 2013
The poor guy in Surgeon Simulator, which is the most tragic game ever made.
by Oxyphenbutazone June 18, 2013
phrase commonly used when not knowing the sex of a person. Bird or bloke
Fred:Dude is that a girl or a guy
Dave:Heyy Its A BOB
by tcehlnaloaeie May 24, 2009

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