The world's most amazing person.
Bob is cooler than Chuck Norris.
by y2ksurvivor January 07, 2009
<noun> British Slang;
Money, coinage, currency.
"Tommy made a few bob selling cut n shuts to some old lady."
by Stuart Fletcher January 13, 2005
What you call the guy in the water with no arms or legs.
-What do you call a guy with no arms and legs when you throw him into the lake?
by ichigodesuka September 25, 2009
Any oral stimulation involving the bobage of the head. Also known as head oral sex skulls
Geanine and Hailey give fantastic bobs
by The King and Queen of Binglish December 21, 2005
A word used to answer any seemingly unanswerable question (usually relating to a person). A combination of Don't know, and Don't care.
Question: Who was president of Nicaragua between 1894 and 1900?
Answer: Bob.
by PG_au March 05, 2007
A name that can't be overused. It's a classic all the time
Dude1: Bob bobby bokinson boberta bobcheese bobjesus bobjim spongebob... do you want me to shut up now?
Dude2: I could hear that name all day.
by Dudefly July 30, 2005
A common name that is often used in tv-series for main characters-names. And I'm the victim of all that, since my name is Bob. But I am proud of my name...
Bob the builder
In Holland and Belgium somebody who's going to drive drunken people home is called "THE BOB (Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder)
Bobo El Petito

See if Jorik and Tom can find this one.... yes my friends it was I, Le bob....
by bob November 24, 2004

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