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Big Fat Black Chick

A particularly large/Fat African American women that participates in a multitude of sports and my excel in Basketball due to her large body which in hand when boxing out
Isaac: Dude!! Kazhe did you see that B.F.B.C on their team???? Were never going to win
Kazhe: O my God she is huge our skinny white chicks will never box her out
by Kazhe December 03, 2008

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Short for: Boy Friend Boy Cott

A situation in which a guy or a girl is temporarily or permanently abandoning the idea of a male significant other, often caused by viscious break-ups or negative relationships.
Jen is on a BFBC because she found that her ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her. She currently believes that all men are bastards.
by CheeseCookies September 11, 2009