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B.A.L.B Syndrome commonly occurs when an individual that you know exhibits symptoms of "Being A Little Bitch."

Symptoms include:

Bitching for NO reason

Bitching about LITTLE things

Bitching because they are just a BITCH
Example 1:

Person 1: Dude, my girlfriend just broke up with me.

Person 2: Aww dude, that sucks. How long have you been dating her?

Person 1: Dude, like a week and a half, I think love her.

Person 2: Wow dude, you got B.A.L.B syndrome.

Example 2:
Person 1: YO! Let's Go Now! I'm calling an FTB night!

Person 2: Sorry man, I got things to do tonight. We'll chill tomorrow.

Person 1: Wow are you fucking serious? This is bullshit! (leaves angrily)

Person 2: I think they prescribe medication for that B.A.L.B Syndrome.
by the awesome couple September 23, 2012
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