The casual insertion of the fact that a girl has a boyfriend into a conversation she is having with another guy. She may or may not have a boyfriend.

Purposes include:

- not leading the guy on
- not being attracted to the guy
- being faithful
Friend 1: So I saw you getting pretty friendly with Melissa last night eh?

Friend 2: Ya, but then she dropped the B Bomb on me. Totally lame.

Friend 1: Drag.
by reygunz12345 August 03, 2010
Top Definition
An alcoholic shot consisting of half Ouzo and half Full Throttle Energy Drink
He did too many B-bombs on Saturday and now we can't find him.
by South A November 09, 2008
When you're hitting on a female and she mentions her boyfriend to back you off.
I totally thought I was gonna get some until she dropped the b-bomb on me.
by BonJoeV August 26, 2008
To burn, or to smoke weed
Yo daniel do you wanna bbomb later?

I'm so down to bbomb tonight
by Daniel657 December 26, 2010
when one balaces books on ones boner as indicated

"Hey Martin look at this b-bomb I got going on"

"Dammit man you got a bible there on that boner dude!"
by marocpom February 14, 2008
Telling someone your relationship is over, especially in a cold, sudden manner.
He dropped the B-Bomb on her right there in the airport. Left her hard and dry in a 3rd world country to fend for herself.
by gerry c. January 16, 2007
to exhibit sudden and overwhelming homosexual tendencies
Back off dude, don't go b-bomb on me now!
by thelark November 07, 2003
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