begin lower orbit

dive down between somebodies legs and begin fellatio or cunnilingus.
i'm gonna blo you now.
errr... what?
nevermind. just bend back and enjoy.
by manatee January 31, 2005
another slang word for blunt.
Yo nigga pass me that b lo!
by KingCrazy April 29, 2008
how natives and residents of Buffalo, New York refer to the area
Everyone's coming back to the B-Lo after spending spring break in Florida.
by bfloheel August 05, 2004
slang, short-term for Buffalo, NY
I used to live in New York City, but now I have an apartment in B-Lo.
by MCKREWGA September 13, 2003
city of Buffalo; where Buffalo kids say they come from
Frank (from Illinois): So Nick, what part of New York do you come from, dog?
Nick: B-Lo, and I'm not your dog...
Frank: ...Ok.
by Kate February 06, 2005
nickname for Buffalo, NY. Used by ghetto people from Buffalo, and suburban white kids making fun of those people.
"That hoe's from B-Lo."
by DannyV March 08, 2006
Derrived from Ben Lomond... aka west B-Lo
Lets hit up B-Lo for a smoke 'sess'(derrived from session)
by chris macZ January 15, 2007

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