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Black French Friday Attendant with Attitude
Pronounced: be-fah-wah
Origin: Del-Taco in Victorville.

This can be applied to any race of person that is attending to the fry station:
Whi-FFAwA - White French Fry Attendant with Attitude
Me-FFAwA - Mexican French Fry Attendant with Attitude
As-FFAwA - Asian French Fry Attendant with Attitude
etc, etc.
History: This came about when stopping at the Del-Taco in Victorville when traveling to Big Bear. We ordered some food to go and while waiting for some fries the "african-american" french fry attendant dropped some fries on the floor which he than proceeded to pick up. My friend commented out load that he better not give us those fries to which the fry attendant said "Are you talking shit about my fries?". Hence, the acronym B-FFAwA.
by M!SFiT December 05, 2007

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