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To make an appearance of effort despite the work already being done by others. Generally, the attempt is made at the very end when the visibility is highest.
The term is in reference to professional football player Brian Dawkins who early in his career was a Pro Bowl caliber player but in later years would jump into tackle piles after the play had already been made.
Tim: Did you see when Brendan B-Dawk'ed at the end of the meeting despite the fact that he slept through almost all of it?
Brian: You mean when he asked that question at the very end like he was interested in what the manager had been saying?
Tim: Exactly.
Brian: Yea, the manager seemed really please with him and asked him to stay afterwards to talk some more.
Time: Yea, he B-Dawk'ed it good.
by OptimistOfAllThings December 23, 2011
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