a person's butthole virginity
I almost lost my b-card to the "oops" approach!
by The Chick December 05, 2004
Top Definition
B-Card is a restricted driver's license in Minnesota that is issued after you get 3 DWI's within a ten year period. Person's who receive a B-card agree to never consume any amount of alcohol for the remainder of their life, whether they are driving or not. Agreeing to this tyranny is the only way to have your driving privilges restored after your 3rd DWI. The back of your driving license states that any use of alcohol or illegal drugs invalidates your license. Any driving or non-driving B-card violations (alcohol comsumed) results in a 3-year termination of your driving privileges.
Once you get a B-card in Minnesota, you are hosed for life.
by SoberDude August 16, 2006
the butthole equivalent of a "V-card"; a symbol of one's burginity
1) hell yeah, I'm still a B-card carrying member

2) I lost everything including my B-card in last night's poker game
by rocco valentine September 16, 2008
When you lose your Anal Virginity.

B-card aka Butt Card.

Similar to your V-Card
Clint went downtown last night and was mugged in an alley. Clint's attacker also took Clint's B-Card. Clint got raped
by RichRyder July 24, 2016
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