The place where you go to prove your manhood on Thursdays with 60 cent wings on the menu. You show up to bdubs and you order a humbling 20 wing basket and you can hardly finish them all. You should also never leave a tip for the shitty waitresses. And the waiters try to be your bro. On your drive home from bdubs you start brewing the ol' number 3 (explosive diarrhea) and by the time you get home, the shitter is more important than saying hi to your wife. Before you even sit on the toilet, your asshole already decides to start spewing soupy poop and spraying shit and you can't even tell if you are pooping or peeing at this point and now you have shit everywhere and you decide never to attend bdubs again, but then crave it next week.
Dude it's Thursday today, let's go to bdubs!!!!
by Talheezy December 09, 2013
Nickname given to a man that is so pale he'd make a vampire jealous.
B-dubs, if you wear that white t-shirt people are going to think you got a new tattoo.
by lil' butt February 21, 2013
a person who's name starts with "B" who is also the size of a VW (volkswagen) bug.
that fat guy's name is bill, we call him BDUB
by freedogger March 19, 2010
A variety of extremely debonair, suave, charming male. Usually found near equally attractive women.
"Damn, i'll never get any ass unless i become a BDUB."

"I saw this guy the other day, i gave him immediate entrance to my vag because he was such a BDUB."
by Ben M. Woodruff August 20, 2008
1. The car is the most bomdizzl BMW goin round because it is very sexy. Seen mostly in the south eastern suburbs of victoria and in the city.

2. The driver of this vehicle will kill you.

3. It is just plain sexy, that is all.
"Damn did you just see BDUB! Damn that car is sexy, i want it. But i can never handle such sexyness..."
by 3174 June 18, 2008
B-Dub, a.k.a. BWC a.k.a. Birchwood.

Its a community of misfits located in the heart or shitty old Dingmans Ferry (look it up to know what I mean). In B-Dub they have their own language, own dress code, own friend code. Outsiders can be initiated under the right circumstance. B-Dubians enjoy smoke, drink, music and other drugs. Not many leave B-Dub, on account most are too high or drunk to leave their house, let alone the community. Most of the inhabitants of B-Dub participate in an activity known as the "Birchwood 500" Its an event that allows people to drive endless circles around a lake while getting as F*d up as possible!! You can always find great people, great drugs, and great potholes in B-Dub~!!
Guy 1: "Yo hit me up when u get back in B-Dub."
Guy 2: "Iight... yo u got trees son?"
by GroveSt May 20, 2011
B-dub, slang for the contraction B-W. Which is short for biker whore. Girls who hang out at local Motorcycle riding events (to include races and stunt spots) looking to catch a ride on the back of the bike.
Check out that group of B-dub's hanging out at the starbucks....
by Motojoe May 22, 2006

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