A bitch with a big ass
a my nigga dat bitch has a big ass B Donkadonk
by great March 10, 2006
Top Definition
A girl with a kickin booty. Something that you can smack it up, flip it, and rub it down. Bounce!
Amanda's got a fly B Donka Donk!
by Lisa January 08, 2004
Something you put your mug on saddle up and ride. A nice ass.
Damn homey check out the B Donkadonk on her. I would like to get up in it.
by mrpimp981 July 27, 2005
A nice BIG juicy butt!!!
j-lo has a huge b donka donk.
by BabyDahl December 28, 2005
This word is used to describe (usually) a females ass.
Damn check out that BIG ol' B Donka Donk!!
by Ashley Perry May 22, 2006
very large buttocks or back side
That girl got a nice B Donkadonk.
by Shoons December 06, 2005
Basically the definition is person who has a very sexy/or very huge ass. It also seems to refer somewhat to the way this person walks or carries themselves.
"Damn, with a bdonkadonk like that, she could make a monk cum in his pants."

"That girl/guy has some bdonkadonk goin' on in those pants."
by Denithor September 16, 2008
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