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Bad Order

A term used by a tradesman originally believed to be separated by a semicolon, i.e...

BAD part; ORDER a new one

The common adjective is an all-encompassing term used to describe something that is broken, while at the same time, being as nondescript as possible to avoid excessive work.

Repair Order: "engine is b/o"

Rookie: "the engine smells?"

Veteran: "No, it's broken"

Rookie: "What do you mean broken? What kind of broken? Does it have a miss? does it leak? Is it broken in two?"

Veteran: "Dunno yet, lets go inspect it."

Rookie: "Who wrote this up? Didn't the inspector already inspect it in the first place?!"

Veteran: "Yup"

Rookie: "Lazy swing-shifter"
by Night_Starfish April 17, 2012
1.body odor-bad personal hygiene.
2.better offer-better job or bargain.
3.bought off-to bribe someone.
4.butt out-mind your business.
by blankaka October 21, 2003