A name that can only be given to someone who deserves it and has a first name that starts with a "B".
In any other use is meaningless.
A way of showing extreme respect.
"Hey, wuts goin' on Bman?"
"Nothin' much man, just goin' to this party down the street."
by <Bman> April 21, 2006
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Top Definition
B'man is an entity of the Internet. He goes where he's called, and when he's done, you have no idea that he's been there at all.
This website has the mark of B'man, but is has been many years since he has been arsed to actually check it out.
by G'man2 March 22, 2006
A dude who is the 0wnage. Can't speak the lang though: 13375p34l<
"I will not have sex with Liz!"
by p3n1s go sp00j March 11, 2003
A beautiful man. A man who is to be considered perfect.
Chris Brown is such a B-Man.
by jessiegurl595 April 08, 2009
A sexy muffin; cute ass motherfucker; space bear
"Man, I love that Bman"
by Jessca C January 13, 2008
A person or persons who prey on young military highschool students, mostly female. Leading on to be the coolest thing that has ever entered their lives, the B-Man will attempt every "Move" in his book but will most likely fail until large portions of alcohol is entered into the equation. The B-Man in every group will be easy to spot, he should be the only one wanting to go to the nearest military post's highschool prom. Your standard B-Man will be dressed in very flashy clothing in hopes to be spoted by the younger and more inexperienced members of the military community.
Hey man stop dancing with that chick you B-Man she still has her backpack on from school.
YO B-Man i wont be able to make it to your courts martial i told you that girl was 15.
by Carnage2299 May 13, 2011
A sexy muffin; cute ass motherfucker; space bear
"Man, I love that Bman"
by Jessca C January 13, 2008
To stack two canned beers on top of eachother in one hand.
Brian bmaned the two miller lights before while enjoying a tasty beverage
by Ryan mm March 18, 2008

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