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The second-largest Christian university in the U.S. Mostly made up of flannel wearing, long boarding, indie music listening, Africa loving, TOMS wearing or barefoot hipsters. There are twice as many girls and they are all trying to get their ring by spring.
Azusa Pacific University is where all the Christian, hipster, college kids go!
by yagirlhere June 18, 2012
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Some refer to APU as another word for slave. Although some believe it is a University in Socal this also is the exact same definition as slave. Because they cannot win anything or be decent at life. Not only is it a place to go to be made fun of but it is a place to be less than proficient at: Education, Sports, Making Babies, Falling in Love, Driving, Intelligence, Being Classy, and Life in General.
Have you seen how awesome Biola is compared to Azusa Pacific University (APU)?

Yeah man. We are idiots for coming here.
by Dr. Repertoire January 10, 2010
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