Southern United States was once owned by Mexico, Mexico was an advancement made by the spanish(whites) thus giving it Spanish names( Colorado = color red, California, Arizona= air dry zone, etc,) mestizo also helped and ran with the spanish in the advancemnt and lost the war when Gringo's( whites, non blonde) and there scandanavian(Blondes) allies helped them.
Aztlan, is a term for the aztec to claim that it was the native mexican and not the spanish that was the main contributor in the advancement into what is now the southern United states.
by surenot September 10, 2006
native land to the Tenochas, wich where then named Mexicas, mostly known as the Aztecs, they left aztlan because of Huitzipochtli who had been offended by the Tenochas and threw them out of Aztlan, its beleived to be in the south-west areas of USA.
USA did steal Aztlan, the $15 million was only so Mexico could pay for the damages of the Mexico vs USA war, you might not know but it is a tradition for the winner to pay the looser for damages, even wars have rules, ofcourse Mexico was only around 36 years old at the time, USA then took half of Mexico as tribute for winning, the white man has stolen all off America, but soon the indiginus people will rise and claim what is rightfully ours.
by AzTLaN September 02, 2006
California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The home of the Mexican people before the Anglos stole it from us.
Aztlan will reclaim what is rightfully ours.
by dan July 26, 2003
A area that encompasses parts of Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Texas and Northern and Central Mexico. Defined by the tradional area of Numic speakers.
Aztlan will raise again!
by Numa December 22, 2003

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