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A small town in Azle, Texas. The town primarily consists of evangelist Christians, jocks, preps, and emos. The population of normal people in the town is under almost indefinitely under 10%.

It is proven that if you walk around the town for about 2 hours, you will get flipped off by rich, underage kids in their 95' mustangs or any kind of truck more than 5 times. Most will be blasting rap music and wearing caps, and they probably will have misspelled words on their windshield.

Seriously, never, ever go here. It is one of the most retarded and fucked up places in America, and probably one of the dumbest.
Dude, I was walking to the grocery store, and these kids flipped me off. I mean, we don't live in Azle for christs sake!
by Ghangis24 July 06, 2008
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