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A gipsy porn-folk superstar.
Parading with his, probably fake, bisexualism and travestism. Esteemed mostly among illiterated people and people ashamed of their own bisexualism and/or travestism. See also drag queen
Popular Bulgarian chalga star, that pretends to be a gay
uh abre toa pedal azis
by gosho April 10, 2005
Azi is the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world. She also is very mean.
by yellow paper July 11, 2010
- a lowlife
- someone who has no money
- a bum
- someone you see walking on the street and your mind says WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this man/woman, (s)he's dressed all wrong, the shoes don't even fit, they have curtain for a skirt... etc
- a man/woman who has no intelligence

(short for the german word for asocial)
person1: is full of azi's ...
person2: true true

by Pitar October 20, 2006
a typ of person or style which are often in gangs found in germany with a large amount of foreigners who think they are cool cuz they terrorise people. often referred to as german chavs because they go around with the same goal in mind.
yo i saw an azi with his jeans in his socks with a fake gucci belt, his hat layed on his head and stinking like garlic who thought he was the bomb.
by cj dont ask why August 06, 2006
- used in Germany to describe a desperate women who sells herself for money
- a low life and dirty person
-a women you see in the street and your mind says "Wow this german person does not know how to dress. her hair is soo mesy!"
-short for the word, slut because in Germany many many of these women are prostitutes
Man #1: Wow looks at that azi on the corner there. how much german money do you think she will charge us?
Man #2: Ew man, her curtain skirt and her messy smelly hair is so disgusting, i dont want any of that!
Man #1: Okay. Bye
by Tomas Gustavoski November 18, 2007
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