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N. - A' Ner

1. When, in attempting coitus with a woman, the male finds his penis accidentally
penetrating the anus of his partner rather than her vagina.

2. Unintentional butt sex.

Southern American English Dialect
"You ain't in her, you aynor!"

"Whoops, my bad!"

"I ain't tryna have no babies!"
by The 2000ites February 20, 2010
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A town in South Carolina between Florence and Myrtle Beach. Otherwise known as "The Speed Trap" or Gateway to the Grandstrand.

It's home to the Aynor Harvest Hoedown.
I got a speeding ticket in some stupid town called Aynor on my way to the beach.
by Segovia April 18, 2010
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an insult; like asshole;
you are such an aynor
by taylorinabox March 02, 2009
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