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Someone who is really crazy but really cool too.
Daniel Aylott he is very crazy and really cool. In fact he is the funniest person I know.
by Mitchell November 10, 2004

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Aylott is a very funny person with good taste in music. Often referred to as Professor Aylott. He is a clone of his father exept with different hair. His hair often resembles a deformed mohekan on one side. Has a close relationship with Michael. He often copies of his loyal friend Mitchell. Aylott starred in the cult classic Hard Water, a classic due to be followed by the eagerly awaited sequel Hard Water 2 - Reign of The Algae Monsters.
Aylott where's your tash? (Bob Geldoff)
Algae Monsters must die at my hands (Aylott)
by Mr Blobby appreciation society November 14, 2004