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A girl who is self- concious, funny, sweet, exceptionally compassionate and usually brings light to others. The name Ayleen mean's "light". Commonly mispronounced as Alien, A-leen, or eileen (i-leen).
Ayleen is like candy to a boy's eyes
by 24/7-365 March 30, 2011
The best girlfriend a guy could ask for. Ayleens are beautiful, clever, funny and have an infectious laugh. The best have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Person 1: You see that girl over there?
Person 2: What the really hot one?
Person 1: Yeah that's Ayleen
by 7crazy8t9boy November 19, 2012
a mean girl that has no life & is always getting into other peoples business.

in other words A HOE
ugh, that girl is such an Ayleen.
by pretty in pinkster January 10, 2012
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