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Known for their work as loggers in Germany, an Axmann is a formidable foe in any circumstance. They are typically considered "Jacks of all trades", and can best a non-Axmann in any contest. It's probably in one's best interest to make friends with any Axmann he or she comes across. Axmanns are skilled in the arts of finely woven stories, speaking with silver tongues and enduring poker faces. They are renowned as bards among many cultures.
I am in need of wood to build my new barn, fire to set my enemy's house aflame, and some help writing a letter. I'll look in the phone book under "Axmann".
#logger #axman #germany #excellence #impressive #skilled #eloquent #bard #formidable #renaissance #axeman
by TotheMaximusPrime November 29, 2013
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