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Extremely bad ass mutha fucka who is a force to be reckoned with. Seriously whether in real life or on a video game he is an unstoppable force of nature. Especially in bed so go you ladies because this man don't swing the other way.
Nerd1: Man I got wrecked by that Druid on WoW last night
I'm pretty sure I was up against an Awston
Nerd2: Yeah I know what you mean I felt like he ripped me a new one over the computer.

Slut1;) Man, I am so happy I went out last night I totally got picked up by an Awston! I wish I could have kept up with his passion and intensity in bed. He must have used the force.

Slut2;) That's awesome slut1, what time did you go out?

Slut1;) Around 11:30pm why?

Slut2;) Because the same thing happened to me around 1am. But my guy was like 6ft tall and had long curly black hair.

Slut1;) .....mine too.....I couldn't satisfy him =(

Slut2;) Next time we will try together!

Guy listening in: Nice
by Ballaholic99 December 12, 2010
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