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A Jamaican term usually said at the end of any statement.

The same as saying 'or else' or 'okay'

Just said randomly by Jamaicans even for no reason

Also used to express urgency
Yuh betta gwan a yuh school before me lick yuh ina yuh headside. Awoh.

Did yuh wash yuh crotches? Awoh.

Me love me mango. Awoh

Gwan a yuh bed! Awoh.

Awoh. Yuh finish me jerk chicken.
by Shanny K February 24, 2012
like saying "and what"
example 1:
person: i'm the best AWOH

Example 2:
ME: i don't like you

Stupid head: AWOH?

ME: and ... you better back off before your

nose and your eyes become one of the same
by Nigro1234 March 03, 2012

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