The awkward friend in every social group. He/she usually makes others uncomfortable. Always found creating awkward moments with random comments or stories.
Vincent: Hey i went to this dope ass party last night!


Eduardo: Hey i saw you in front of your house yesterday....

Adam: Dude...You're being a real Awkwardo!
by SNEAKYBANANA April 15, 2010
Adjective: A descriptive term used when a person or situation makes you feel both awkward and weird.

(ôk -wr - do)
Jen: "How'd the date go?"
Alice: "Horrible, he was a total Awkwardo."
Jen: "That bad?"
Alice: "He asked if he could tattoo my name on his dick."
by PDtrad113 August 16, 2013
someone who is really awkward in the act of doing something or saying ohh that was awkwardo.or someone is defined as the awkward police
-ahh man your being such an awkwardo

-ahh better call awkwardo cause this is really awkward
by theawkwards October 18, 2011

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