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Noun: During an awkward moment when there is only silence, you become an awkward tomato. Because, it's an awkward situation and you just stand there still like a tomato. Tomatoes are vibrant and red which means they're noticed which is much like how you feel in an awkward situation; very noticeable.
*Someone tells a shitty joke*
*You stand there in the silence still*
Bystander: "Hey look at that awkward tomato!"

*Someone doesn't understand the joke*
*All those who understood stand there still in the silence"
Bystander: "Hey look at those awkward tomatoes!"
by THEawkwardTOMATO September 03, 2011
When something awkward happens
Siobhan: Claire, You Walked in Dog Shit
Claire: Awkward Tomatoes
by jessiej May 02, 2011