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One word: Voldemort.
When Voldemort hugged Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2, it was the most awkward hug in history.
by CanSomeoneSayAwkwardAgain? July 21, 2011
A hug that is almost a hug, but climaxes as a cluster-fuck of random arm and body movement involving the two people.
Guy 1- Dude, Steve just saw his ex-girlfriend
Guy 2- Oh snap! I thought he said she wasn't mad at him anymore
Guy 1- She's not, she approached him
Guy 2- Did they hug?
Guy 1- No man, they AWKWARD hugged
Guy 2- Oh shit.
by ben stiller faggot 69 March 23, 2011
When hugging a girl and she leans her cheek into your face expecting to have it kissed, but insted you just give the hug.
She gave me a wierd look after that awkward hug.
by jamaldbestt November 01, 2006
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