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A person hanging out with one or more people and is:

1. Not talking or making little to no effort to start or sustain a conversation
2. Killing the "vibe"
3. Noticeably sticking out from the group as if he/she were a white man playing streetball in Compton
4. Not really wanted, but just sort of there
5. Overall somerone who will be remembered for being so awkward and so...weird
Example One:
Chad: "Dude lets hang out"
Blake: "Yeah sure man...oh crap here comes Dillon"
Dillon: "Hey"
Chad: "Hey man"
Blake: "Hey hows it going"
Dillon: "Good.............................................Hows Life?"
Blake: ".....Dammit Dillon why do you have to be such an awkward sausage."

Example 2:

Pete: "So I saw you were making your move on Lisa last night"
Carl: "Well I was trying but frcken Tim was following us around the whole time and doing nothing but staring at us with his creepy little eyes."
Pete: "Dammit, Tim's such an awkward sausage"
by UrbanMessiah November 19, 2011
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