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The morning after a sleepover or party when you and your friends have a really deep conversation and the next morning is so awkward because the only thing you can say is "So, do you want pancakes for breakfast or something?"
Kelly: I honestly wonder sometimes whether or not ill ever find somebody...
Marie: Everybody loves you, just embrace life and you will be sure to find your way

Marie: So... um... i have poptarts

Kelly: Well this is an Awkward Breakfast
by iliketopartyswagasaurusrex May 07, 2011
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The awkward moment when you wake up after having slept with someone you probably shouldn't have.
Girl: After Brad dumped me, his older brother took me out for drinks. The next morning I woke up in his bed! Talk about an awkward breakfast.

Emmett: Dude, did you see Bella leaving Jasper's room half naked?

Rosalie: No! Talk about an awkward breakfast! I'm telling Edward!

Emmett: He probably already knows. He can read minds, remember?

Rosalie: Oh yeah... >:O
by Bczargirl April 23, 2009

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