an exclamation or phrase used to describe that awkward feeling that is analogous with everything falling out of your hard taco; can be used regardless of whether you are actually eating a taco or not
girl at a mexican restaurant eating tacos, and right as she lifts her taco to her mouth, all the filling falls out. girl: "ugh this is so awkotaco"

guy seeing a random awkward moment: "lolz that's awkotaco"
by ktbugg411 January 07, 2012
Top Definition
When a situation becomes awkward say "Awko Taco" to make the situation un awkward. Synonym: Awko Burrito
awko taco....
by alejandra101 January 06, 2012
A clever, rhyming phrase used in replacement for overly popular words like "awkward" or "awk". This phrase can be used for any awkward situation.
Girl 1: "Yesterday, I made awkward eye contact with this guy eating a banana..."

Girl 2: "Awkotaco"
by BrieSquared October 21, 2011
Short for awkward taco. Generally used to describe an awkward female genetelia.
Person 1: "Hey man did you get any from that girl last night?"

Person 2: "No way man, she had such an awkotaco I couldn't find the hole.
by DPI001 January 04, 2011
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