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Awezing to be awesome and amazing at once.
Dude 1:Yo dude you just saved that baby out of a burning building ....That's awesome
Dude 2 : No that's awezing
Dude 1: Awezing ???
Dude 2 : To be awesome and amazing.
Dude 1 : That's awezing.
by SteverBoz January 24, 2013
1. a combination of amazing & awesome
Luna Halo's performance was so awezing last night!

Laura & Jen created this word so therefore they are the most awezing.
by laurieecm May 23, 2010
Awesomely Amazing. Enough Said.
This night was just absolutely awezing.
by TheRayWay October 11, 2011
Something that is totally awesome and amazing at the same time.
Dudeee that movie was AWEZING!
by izzzyaustin November 05, 2010
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