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When a random stranger performs an act of kindness. Usually the person who does it, accomplishes his kind task and sticks around long enough for you to say "thank you" or if a guy does it for a girl, or vice-versa, long enough to get a number. Usually occurs in the South due to southern hospitality or in the Urban areas around the holidays.
Guy: Here ma'am, let me get your bags for you.
Old Lady: Why, thank you, sonny. Let me give some money for you being so awesononomous.

Old lady looks down to get money, looks up
Guy is gone, without a trace

Guy's hand are full, trying to get into apartment building
Girl:Let me up the door for you.
Guy:Thank you
Long pause and stare...
Girl:Well, I kinda feel like you owe me, ya know, for being so awesononomous. Here.
Hands him her number
Guy:How about tomorrow, I'll call you.
by J to the Newberry/Krisko December 09, 2009
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