Combination of awesome and optimistic. Everything is always awesome.
That girl is always feeling awesomistic

He has an awesomistic outview on life.
by Keefer259 November 09, 2009
Top Definition
It's like being autistic, but awesome.
Jimmy's obsession with "Back to the Future" is definitely awesomistic.
by DocEBrown April 29, 2013
to think in a very awesome way
your ideas are genius, you're being super awesomistic today and i love it !
by am.louca November 05, 2010
freakin' awesome! a person or thing that expresses great qualities of "awesome" and often exceeds other people in this field. awesomistic is someone that exceeds the qualities to be awesome but doesn't reach the standards of fabulousness.
Awesomistic dreads bro!
by Brandon Simmering July 23, 2011
A variation of optimistic or pessimistic. An awesomistic person just has an awesome view on life.
"I'm awesomistic so I realise how lame you are."
by Nicholas Stephen Aldred February 04, 2008
something that is awesome to a degree that cannot be described as just awesome.
1) OmG i just had the most awesomistic idea ever!

2) The other day i had an awesomisticly cool conversation with my awesomistic friends

by S T E F F I January 17, 2006
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