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One of those irritating little girls who since hearing Avril Lavigne songs have suddenly turned into her Mini-Me's, stealing ties from their Dad/Uncle/Brother/Boyfriend so that they can wear them around their neck, attempting to skateboard, singing her songs at every opportunity and believing that the anarchy symbol is actually the Avril Lavigne symbol.
"Holy Hecate, not another Avrilite.." or "Oh, no, here comes the Avrilite crowd"
by Lady Julianne December 29, 2003
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A word that Avril-Haters made-up to make fun of Avril Fans, because they can't actually have a real coversation about why they dislike her.

x_Lexxie_x : ...Well, I'd have to say that Avril's my favourite artist.

!@#$%AVRIL_SHOULD_DIE!!!!@#$% : WHAT?!?!? LYKE, OMG!!! U r SUCH an AVRILITE!!!

X_Lexxie_x : A WHAT? Is that all you're going 2 say? Why do u even hate her so much?

!@#$%AVRIL_SHOULD_DIE!!!!@#$% : Well...I...uh...

!@#$%AVRIL_SHOULD_DIE!!!!@#$% has signed off
by nickchik April 18, 2006
1. A poser. One who listens to "pop-punk" sensation Avril Lavigne and constantly shops at Hot Topic.
Girl 1: I like listen to Avril and like I have the coolest accessories from Hot Topic. Like I have a tie with a skull on it and I have like the kewlest converse shoes!! I'm so like complicated!

Girl 2: You're such an Avrilite.
by true punks never die October 06, 2003

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