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A state of bliss that some people achieve upon consumption of food containing avocados.
As I entered the party and gazed about the room, my eye was caught by a small white bowl sitting upon a table of appetizers. The gleaming green of the bowl's contents radiated from the vessel of my desire. In that instant I could see nothing - or no one - else in the room. It felt like I was drawn to the object of my desire by a verdant tractor beam. I picked up a delivery mechanism (I think it might have been a lightly salted restaurant-style corn tortilla chip), and scooped an impossibly large amount of perfectly prepared guacamole into my mouth. I instantly felt the glow of total joy spread throughout my body and expand into the oneness of the universe...I had arrived at my familiar state of AVOCADOPIA. Without thinking I reached out for more...
by Avocadopia May 03, 2010
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