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A female citizen of the United States of America.
According to recent surveys, Estro-Americans are 75% better at multi-tasking than their male counter-parts.
by Avocadopia January 19, 2009
A set of adornments (e.g. hair style, cosmetics, clothing, etc.) that, when utilized by someone, creates a specifically intended appearance of glamor ("an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness") that enables them to visually blend-in among others who have achieved a categorically similar "look".
As he entered the nightclub Aaron saw his reflection in the large mirror, quickly confirmed that his glamoflage was on target for the scene, and blended into the crowd.
by Avocadopia January 19, 2009
A state of bliss that some people achieve upon consumption of food containing avocados.
As I entered the party and gazed about the room, my eye was caught by a small white bowl sitting upon a table of appetizers. The gleaming green of the bowl's contents radiated from the vessel of my desire. In that instant I could see nothing - or no one - else in the room. It felt like I was drawn to the object of my desire by a verdant tractor beam. I picked up a delivery mechanism (I think it might have been a lightly salted restaurant-style corn tortilla chip), and scooped an impossibly large amount of perfectly prepared guacamole into my mouth. I instantly felt the glow of total joy spread throughout my body and expand into the oneness of the universe...I had arrived at my familiar state of AVOCADOPIA. Without thinking I reached out for more...
by Avocadopia May 03, 2010

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