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noun. A beautiful, amazing, gorgeous woman. a woman who will go out of her way to help anyone. Belongs in medical field. perfect height and size, often indian. The object of mens desires. Just one look and she'll take your breath away. a heart larger then life. a dependable and reliable source, always putting others before herself.
That girl Avneet is gorgeous, she should be a model.

That nurse Avneet really changed my life.

I wish i knew someone like Avneet, everyone wants to be like her.
by vopend April 10, 2010
110 42
A beautiful, intelligent, and awesome person who may be a little short.
That beautiful girl is an Avneet!
by KaurAchhabr August 07, 2009
102 34
Someone who makes girls hearts flutter.
It is also someone who's swag knows no ends.
guy 1: dam your girl cheated on you??
guy 2: yea mann what can i say dat otha guy was a real Avneet
guy 1: tough luck bro =(
by Mr. 98 December 03, 2009
57 48