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Singer/Song-writer from canada. Worked with the matrix. Sang; Sk8r Boi, complicated, my world. The one who wrote all the poppy "punk" songs. Yes she was the one you listen to when you were 8 and you still like. Fuck! I know i still dance to "Freak out" hey it's fun. and i don't care if you think she's lame and sucks. But i must admit whats up with the hair that just f'ed up. I like her old stuff. and you know you rocked out when she covered metalica's "fuel".
hipster 1- "Hey did you see Avirl Lavigne's gone blonde"

hipster 2- yeah, never liked her (remembers when he saw her concert in '02)

hipster 1- niether did i (goes home and dances to "Girlfriend")
by Catherine & Garfunkel March 28, 2009