Top Definition
The killing of an Avatar from a message board forum as defined by RMC member Straight4ward.
POSTMAN killed clash's avatar cause he was grassed on by Fishface,POSTMAN commited Avatricide.

Hellmail writes "Avatricide is rife on the darkside"
by Seriously overworked Admin October 23, 2010
The killing of an Avatar from a message board forum.
You get a forum member who puts up an Avatar and it has a virus in it,another member would grass on him and then the overworked site owner would kill it with a couple of mouse points and clicks and Avatricide will happen

Another example would be you just don't like the twat who put an avatar up so you would lie about stuff with another forum member and just piss the dude off by Avatricide.
by Overworked Admin October 21, 2010
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