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a extremely sexy guy; athletic; knows how to use his hands; His smile is usually the thing that keeps the girls around; can be immature at times; has one girl that loves him like no one else can imagine; a fun loving guy; a ladies man; a funny guy; a guy who doesnt want a relationship when you want him the most; a guy with many talents; a guy who can, even when your angry, cheer you up; A sweet guy; a straight guy; a deep guy; a guy who is amazing in bed; a guy who can be an asshole sometimes; a guy who normally does stupid things; A phenomenal kisser!; sweet talking; telling jokes; once you get to know him hes all you think about;
Oh god, Austin Jager is so good in bed!
by Suuuuuuper Fuuuuuuuck April 22, 2011
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