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Can be used as an adj., v., n., pron., ect.
That Dark Reysin is so ausome but, Louis Theroux-- He's awesome.
by Iskillforgp August 06, 2009
Commonly used in the Fashion world to describe something amazing or litteraly awesome. Refers to the British Fashion Industry because of their way of pronouncing "Awesome".
Wow, the new Burberry Prosum collection is Au-some !
That designer's au-some !!
This dress is au-somely stunning !!!
by The Blonde Salad November 18, 2011
1. As chill as Austin, Texas
2. Likely to be found in Austin
3. Worthy of being in Austin
SXSW and Austin City Limits Music Festivals are ausome.
by jbh88 March 16, 2010
Awsome as spelled by the florida fruit snack Fruit Nuggets. Said nuggets taste like medicine and are most enjoyable to throw at people.
Dude! these Fruit snack nugget things are not "Au'some"
by Jonesdiggity January 20, 2008
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