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A mulatto Goddess that fell down from the above onto this earth. She is know for her big curly fro and big butt. When its time to show people what she is made of aurielle is know to break it the fuck down on the dance floor. Her side kick her Jovana(if you dont know who that is, look it up and then kill yourself). Aurielle and Jovana 5 star bitches. but they aren't cocky ass bitches, theyre humble and kind. are All the girls wannabe her, especially jealous preppy white bitches who shall not be named. Every year on friday the 13th under the full moon she turns into a vampire so if you fuck with her on that date you will die.
Ben:Yo did you feel that?
Robert:No! What?!
Ben: I think ijust felt the spirit of aurielle
Robert: Not alot of people do, your a lucky man Ben

Ghetto Ugly Bitch: Look at that girl thinking she cute cuz her hair real
Ben:Dont be jealous cuz you aint not Aurielle
by JealousofAurielles June 13, 2010
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