Another Useless Post
Ricemarine is neffing again. This is a perfect example of Another Useless Post (AUP).
by oldsmoboat October 24, 2005
Top Definition
1. To say Hello
2. A friendly greeting
Maria walked past her friend Steven ad shiuted Aup to him across the street.
by Warsopia_22 June 26, 2005
Acceptable Use Policy

Terms and conditions you must agree to before using whatever it is assuming.
By clicking 'Next' you agree to the AUP above.
by stealth17 October 16, 2006
Both up and down
Like in Monty Python, when the sun was jumping up and down.
The sun was jumping aup.
by jessibeanification June 28, 2010
when someone says what you say "aup"
you: "guess what"
person: "what"
you: "aup"
by lee is sick July 10, 2008
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